Monday, April 13, 2020

The Spirit of a Cup of Tea

Did you know that each time you boil the kettle and forget to make tea, that a spirit is released into the world with the sole intent of blocking inspiration? The only way to trap this spirit is to complete the intention, make the cup of tea, and consume it while it is still more than warm. Use caution. If you forget the tea again, especially while the tea bag is still in the cup, the spirit will use your cup to reproduce, thereby increasing the chaos that prevents meaningful progress in all manner of artistic endeavors. I will note, if you then add ice to the tea and convince the spirits that this was your intention all along, they may be satisfied and disperse without committing harm. I am still working on a ritual that will help banish these troublesome spirits to a realm where they will be harmless, I just need to find the right sacrifice...

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