Sunday, April 26, 2020

Apple Juice and Other Updates - New Sample

Seven chapters drafted, the writing life continues. What does your desk look like? Mine looks like my dining room table. I spent the entire day cleaning yesterday, and felt so much better and ready for a fresh start last night. I had my moon lamp nearby for inspiration. Had to clean apple juice off my writing journal and laptop this morning, but we persevere! It's a side effect of my working conditions. 

Here is another sample for you, hope you enjoy. (Remember, this is a first draft. Although it has been proofread, it is far from perfect and may or may not exist in the final manuscript.)

     The night was even colder than the previous one, since the clouds had lifted and nothing held in the warmth of the day. The stars shone brightly like ice crystals hanging above the bare branches of the trees. A thin crescent moon smiled at her on one side and a nearly full one began rising on the other side. There were hardly any noises except the leaves shuffling on the gusty wind and the branches creaking against the cold. Ylva wore the same leggings, tunic, and hood as earlier, but she added a fur shawl that she clipped in front of her chest with a silver circle pin that reflected the moonlight like her eyes.
     The forest was alive, the energy snapping like electricity around her. Most people feel that the cold season is a dead one, but there is plenty of life, coursing below the surface, holding on to the energy of the sun until it is needed again. In a few months, when enough of that energy has been stored up, everything will bloom in full and the result will be a new burst of life, an explosion of energy, a new beginning. It reminded her of a woman with child. She holds her inside, still and quiet for many months. As she grows and grows she feels more and more drained, she moves more slowly and her pain becomes climactic in labor. Then with a burst of energy, her life is split in two, she brings forth a new being, full of vitality, ready to begin the journey. Anyone can see the energy shining from a yearling, as she runs nonstop, spying, exploring, experimenting, learning. The life is pouring out of her in waves of laughter and shrieks of anger, and all after a season of dormancy when her mother absorbed all the energy of the galaxy to fuel the tiny life protected inside of her. That was how life began, again and again.

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