Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Fantasy Writers Q and A

I recently interacted with some writers during the Fantasy Virtual Con: Short Fiction Panel on Reddit. Many good questions were asked, and many thoughtful answers provided. To view the thread, visit Reddit. If you don't have an account, consider one. This is a great site for sharing ideas, exploring topics, and following current events (and also for lots of memes and live feeds of cats). 
     I have been interested in composing short stories for some time now. A little over two years ago I started reading short story collections and doing an author study on Ursula K Le Quin. My motivation has grown and grown but each time I look over my story seeds, I see whole novels staring back at me. That fear just keeps coming back to limit me. But this Short Fiction Panel sparked my new energy. After reading just a few responses and asking my own question, I joined the Insecure Writers Support Group (which I had been aware of for months but too insecure to join...the irony), established this blog, and started writing. 

Want to get involved and help inspire me? Comment below with a topic, just a word or a sentence will do. Maybe it will be that push I need to create a new fantasy world that anyone can enjoy. I will share some of my new creations right here on Tea, Sigh, Create.

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