Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Stars and Moon

Did you know that Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star was written by a woman? Jane Taylor was a novelist and poet and she is believed to be the author of The Star in an 1806 publication called Rhymes for the Nursery. Today we know it by its new name. When my son was little I was delighted to learn, through the expertise of Pete the Cat, that there were many more verses than I knew. It is such a beautiful poem and I began to sing it to him with the "missing" parts. I encourage you to read the poem in its entirety. 

When I read the poem I felt Taylor's sense of awe and admiration for one of our greatest natural features, our stars. It almost sounds like a Thank You note written to the stars. It was this that inspired me to write my own poem to show my thanks for another celestial beauty, our moon. 

Round and smooth
You shine on me
You are not always here to see.

Your path across
The spacious sky
You stay so close yet fly so high.

Your constant movement
Brings such change
To us, your face is never strange.

Your power mysterious,
Strong and true
Such endless beauty, a priceless view.

You represent women
Maiden, mother, and crone,
Both strong and fair as one are grown.

I ask of you
Please set me free
From all these troubles I yearn to flee.

As you I must brighten,
Turn, and face
I seek to find comfort within my space.

Teach me your wisdom
Your secrets, your ways
Let me have passion to continue my days.

Thanks for reading!  

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