Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Thinking Happy Thoughts

I am not sure which is more exciting, that my story won the June 2021 WEP, or that my three-year-old just pooped in a toilet instead of her pants (for the first time)! What a fantastic day!

I am going to admit, staying positive can be difficult. I sometimes reread the "average" reviews for my published short story and wonder if perhaps it was missing something that makes readers love stories. I am definitely not suffering from any illusions that all my stories are absolutely fantastic. I also completely understand the feedback labeling my work as confusing. I did not become a writer to create "normal" stories. Regardless, I feel accomplished just being part of the anthology. To my knowledge, no one has given me a one-star review, so I call it a win. I would love to read some reviews from people who regularly read science fiction, though. Most of the reviews I've read mention the genre is not their favorite. So, if you are a science fiction fan, pick up the anthology and drop us a review!

I am certainly grateful for any review. You can read the most recent full review here. There are also reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Reading honest reviews helps me improve!

And on to the happier thoughts...(not the poo).

Winners were announced for the June 2021 WEP competition.

Congrats to all the winners:

Steph - Winner

Kalpana - Runner Up

Jemi - Encouragement Award

Pat - Team's Choice

Brilliant Debut Awards went to:




Such a great collection of stories and art. I have been very inspired by this challenge and am working on a treat for my readers involving some very beautiful artwork combined with some hopefully enjoyable stories. I need a few weeks to work on it, so maybe by the end of July!

Keep thinking happy thoughts!


  1. Hari OM
    Congrats - on both counts!

    As for reviews, it is important to analyse each response that isn't glowing because they are the ones that will keep you growing. That is, as long as they are constructive and clearly state what the reviewer had trouble with. Remember, though, to take them all and balance out the percentages. If there are only one or two that fall below expectation, then it is more to do with the reveiwer - such as it being 'not their genre'! Keep at it Steph. YAM xx

  2. Congrats on winning the June award for your short story. It can be hard to stay positive but we need to celebrate all our victories.

  3. Congratulations on winning!
    Don't worry about low reviews. What we right is not for everyone and those people just weren't your target readers. (And don't sweat it when a one star happens. I laugh at mine.)

    1. My thoughts exactly. It would be impossible to please everyone :)

  4. Congratulations! On both accounts:)

    And as for reviews, I agree with Yamini.

    Looking forward to reading your story.