Wednesday, July 7, 2021

July IWSG - Too Stubborn to Quit

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July's question - What would make you quit writing?

My first instinct was to respond, "Nothing." But as a writer, I am far too creative for such a simple response!

After thinking about the possibilities, I am getting images from the movie Inkheart. If my writing suddenly conjured terrible things into reality and the end of the world was growing closer and closer, I just might quit. 

If I was not the cause of the apocalypse, society as we knew it collapsed, and we had no electricity or resources for writing I would probably quit and become the creepy village storyteller.

The truth is, even if I did not continue to write for others, I would always write for myself. The written word is my brain's medium. I understand written language better than verbal communication. I prefer movies with subtitles on, and I channel my thoughts better on a page than I do out loud. 

Writing is my connection to the larger world and my pathway into my own mind.


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Also, there is a new video about Dark Matter:  Artificial. Check it out!


  1. Hari OM
    Well said - something with which I can fully identify! YAM xx

  2. You came up with a reason to quit that I hadn't considered, Steph! Brilliant! I opted for a simple response; sometimes for me that's all I can manage at the end of a long day ~ LOL. Have a good one!

  3. Ha. I responded with, "nothing". I didn't take into consideration a lack of mental or physical health. End of the world looming? I write to process my surroundings. I'd probably still write, but hopefully that's neither here nor there.

    Great post. Happy IWSG Day!

  4. I like your reasons. They made me smile.

  5. I like your idea that no matter what, you would always keep writing for yourself, even if no one else ever saw the words. Although I hope other people read my stuff, I have to admit it's all about entertaining myself first.

  6. I’m too stubborn to quit, too. ;)

  7. I'm glad you brought up Inkheart, one of my favorite books. I also seem to process things better through writing. I'd rather write a letter or email than talk on the phone!

  8. I love that fantastical postulation. Agreed! Me too!

  9. The creepy village story teller! That's a great alternative way to go! That's the route I would probably take if we came to a post-apocalypse or another dark age! I'll be sure to check out the video for Dark Matter. I bought the book and am now reading it and, so far, the stories have been really good!

  10. Yes, that's it--I think in the written word :)

  11. Yes, our words could cause harm in a world where ink becomes reality. That would be a good reason to stop writing.

    Writing is a constant act of translation for me. even when I am not writing I am still writing. So, I think being the village storyteller or singer or teacher would be a great alternative to putting actual words on paper.

    Words that my voice hangs in the air would also be a great way to keep writing alive in me while not technically writing.


  12. I'm a tea drinker too, Steph. I enjoy loose tea in a teapot and the use of a teacup and saucer. And while drinking that tea, I explore life--either mine or my character's--through my writing. More power to you!

  13. Oh gosh, Inkheart, yes, that’s true!
    I always had stories in my head, adventures going on, descriptions to an unknown listener or reader. You’ve just reminded me of that. Nowadays I just write them down. The ‘voices’ have gone!

  14. Oh, the Inkheart problem - yeah, that might be a reason, but otherwise, I'll keep writing until the pen/keyboard is pried from my cold fingers.
    Great response to this prompt!