Saturday, February 10, 2024

Where did 2023 Go?

 Did I really just miss a year with you guys? I can't believe it. And I missed the February IWSG! I never was good at keeping a friendship going. But that being said, I'm extremely loyal if I ever do make a friend! Just don't expect me to want to hang out on the regular or to plan dinners. Just thinking about that gives me anxiety.

You didn't miss much. Life went on. Day after day my day job got in the way of my desire to be independently wealthy so I could write, garden, and do yoga all the time. 

I did complete a round of edits on my novel manuscript in July, and then hid it away, afraid of the next step.

Before Thanksgiving, I broke a toe. Then in December, I underwent laser eye surgery (voluntarily). It was probably the worst and most painful recovery of my life (and I homebirthed two kids). Shortly after that, I finished my yoga teacher training (mostly blind and with a broken toe).

So here I am, clear vision, glasses-free, without my limp, and ready to go!

I would like to thank my family for all their well wishes, and my husband for taking good care of me. But mostly I want to thank Martha Wells!!!!! The Murderbot Series audiobooks got me through that awful recovery. It is amazing what a good book (and pranayama) can do when you are trapped in your own mind and drowning in pain. I swear, Murderbot and I would definitely be friends (see above paragraph about my lacking friendship skills, then read the Murderbot series, and you will understand). We were meant for each other. It's hard living with humans!

I will be posting reviews of the books I read last year and some updates on the novel soon. 

Can't wait to write for you again!

I'll be getting this T-shirt! Click image for link to buy.

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  1. Good to hear from you! Sorry about your toe. And the painful surgery. At least you can see now.
    All just bumps in the road. Don't lose sight of what you want to accomplish.